We Love Bananas

We Love Bananas

There are many colorful characters living in Byron Bay, my original hometown and home of the Bill Conner (BC) Hat factory

Banana Craig is one of those characters. You can find him every Thursday morning at the local farmer’s market selling his Ladyfinger bananas and wearing a BC Hat.

If he's not surfing or at the farmer’s market, he is tending to his amazing farm in the heart of northern N.S.W.

Check out this short clip on Mr. Banana himself as well as some great shots from his Insta feed @byronbaybananaman.

Support your community and consider buying locally grown. And, if you live in Byron Bay, go get yourself some shade at Bill Conner's hat factory after a trip to visit Banana Craig at the farmer’s market.

BC Hats
28 Acacia st
Byron Bay NSW 2481

Ph: 02.66.858.353



Bananas at the market

Fresh Ladyfinger bunch at the Byron bay Thursday farmers market

Bananas on the farm

Green Snake symmetry on the farm 

the banana farm

The beautiful banana farm under the cliffs

Happy customers

Happy customers!

banana variety

Variety, the spice of life

Avocados on the farm too

Don't forget the avocados

the Banana bunny scared the Easter bunny off

The Banana bunny!

farm frog

Nature in abundance on the farm

rain forest Crayfish

When the rains come so do the rain forest Crayfish

Tawny Frogmouth owl

Tawny Frogmouth owls keep the snake population in check

Banana spider

Welcome to Australia!

don't eat me

A few sharks around these days.. hopefully they can read

Byron bay lighthouse

Byron bay lighthouse - since 1901

banana variety

Blue Java Banana, Red Dacca Banana, Choko, Tamarillo

surfing big waves powered by bananas

Banana man himself taking the drop 

happy customers with the banana board

More happy customers with the banana board

local with BC Hat cool as a breeze canvas

Local legend wearing a BC Hat - cool as a breeze canvas - made in Byron Bay

Dave Rastovitch surfing

Dave Rastovich in the eye of the storm 

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