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10 Stylish Women's Winter Hats to Try This Season

The Best Women’s Winter Hats to Spice Up Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe

Great hats shouldn’t just be reserved for the warm weather! Choosing a few cute women’s winter hats is a simple, more affordable way to add some diversity to your wardrobe. Plus, the best women’s winter hats are made to keep you protected from the winter sun (it can be even harsher in cold weather!), and keep you warm from head to toe. Depending on your face shape, women’s winter hats with brims are a more flattering option for winter headwear, too!

Arizona Wool Gambler

arizona hat

The classic rounded crown of this gambler hat is brought to a new level thanks to the southwestern style stitched leather band that accents this hat. Made with water-repellant, cruelty-free Australian wool, this is one stylish women’s winter hat that will stand up through season after season of cold weather.

French Beret

french beret

Like the minimalist style of a beanie hat, but want to try something different? This year, opt for a classic French beret. This sleek, all-black style shares the brimless look of a beanie hat, but offers more volume (and a lot more class). This winter hat style is a great option for women who are looking to add some height to their look.

Aussie Wool Crusher Hat

aussie wool hat

Hit the road in style this winter in the Aussie Wool Crusher Hat. This cute women’s winter hat can be tossed around during your journey and still maintain its shape. So you can travel with ease and show up to holiday events looking effortlessly chic. A small feather detail on the side of this winter hat adds a touch of flair without stealing the show.

1970 Australian Wool Floppy Hat

aussie floppy hat

You’ll love to rock this stylish and fun hat all winter long! An ode to the hippie heart of the 1970’s, this wide-brimmed winter hat features a beaded turquoise band with a small tassel. The floppy brim offers UPF 50+ sun protection to keep your skin safe in harsh winter light.

Outlaw Western Shapeable Hat

outlaw hat

Equally at home during winter rides and holiday events, the Outlaw Western hat is a women’s winter hat that can work hard and still dress up. Cruelty-free Australian wool felt gives this style a classy look, while the natural water-repellant quality keeps you dry when the winter elements roll in. The shapeable brim of this winter hat allows you to customize your look just the way you prefer.

Wide Open Spaces Outdoor Hat

wide open spaces hat

This women’s winter hat will keep you warm and dry during miles of winter exploration! The mid-sized brim is flattering for many face shapes and sizes, and two neutral color options make this a great winter hat choice for those that prize versatility in their wardrobe picks.

Mt. Warning Wool Boho Hat

mt warning hat

This one of the best stylish women’s winter hats, and a top seller year after year. Made with naturally water-repellent, cruelty-free wool, the Mt. Warning Wool Boho hat features several earth-toned color options to fit any wardrobe. Stay warm with a mid-sized brim and stand out thanks to the gently embellished leather band.

The Axe Western Hat

axe western hat

This is one of those cute women’s winter hats that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. The Axe Western hat comes in a light beige color that stands out just enough, but still manages to mix in perfectly with nearly any outfit. This women’s winter hat is ideal for classy nights out on the town, but still low-key enough for a relaxed family event.

Detroit Wool Fedora

detroit fedora

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic wool fedora. This style of women’s winter hats will keep you covered from the elements while adding a splash of style you’d never get from a beanie hat. A colorful feather detail makes this classic black fedora a step above the rest. The mid-sized brim flatters nearly any face shape, making this style a great choice for those new to the world of hats.

Rockaway Beach Wool Hat

rockaway hat

This simple style can easily move from day to night, and will never be out of place. A gently pinched front crown draw attention to your face, and add height to your look. The shorter, slightly floppy brim of this look is ideal for those new to womens winter hats with brims. Choose from two dark wool colors that will elevate your outfit while never overpowering it.

Why Choose Cruelty-Free Wool for Your Cute Women’s Winter Hats?

You may have noticed that nearly every choice for the best women’s winter hats is made from cruelty-free, australian wool. But what exactly is cruelty-free wool?

Wool itself is an ideal material for women’s winter hats. Wool is naturally water-repellent and fantastic at temperature regulating. Because there are microscopic spaces between wool fibers, this natural material can self-regulate heat and moisture. In cold winter conditions, wool is an ideal insulator. And when you heat up from a snowball fight or cup of something hot, your wool hat will release heat, keeping you comfortable.

Cruelty-free wool is wool that’s harvested without the practice of mulesing. Mulesing is an unnecessary and cruel practice that removes chunks of skin from a sheeps backside in an effort to reduce the risk of disease. Choosing cruelty-free wool ensures that the materials used are harvested without harming the animal. After all, wool is a natural byproduct that sheep grow each and every year. When humanely harvested, cruelty-free wool is one of the most sustainable materials that women’s winter hats can be made from. Wool is naturally biodegradable, and requires no harsh chemicals to be treated or grown.

Can’t decide which of these stylish women’s winter hats with brims to add to your wardrobe first? 

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