Canvas Hats

Tough tasks call for tough materials and a strong canvas hat is good company for any hard day’s work. Our canvas hats for sale are made from Australian waterproof canvas, built to survive harshest conditions. Keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes with a Conner canvas hat. Wearing out a canvas hat like one of these would be an achievement in and of itself.

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Australian Style Canvas Hats

If you’re looking for an Australian made or even just an Aussie style canvas hat, we’ve got you covered. If you want a canvas brim hat that is crushable and easy to pack, while maintaining its original form, we’ve also got you covered. Conner canvas hats are made with Australian waterproof canvas and most feature a coiled spring wire in the brim to maintain that original form that will keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your head.

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  • Conner Hats Aussie Hats Beige / Small BC Hats Cool as a Breeze Canvas Ladies Hat
  • Cloth Hat Aussie Hats Brown / Small BC Hats Cool as a Breeze Canvas Mesh Hat
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