Nikwax Fabric & Leather Waterproofing Spray

Size: 4.2oz Spray-On

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This non-toxic, water-based waterproofing formula provides maximum water protection and is ideal for all styles of BC & Conner Hats. See the video on this page for the easy application instructions.

  • Non-Toxic, Water-Based Formula
  • Easy Application
  • Works with all BC & Conner Hats

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Conner Hats 4.2oz Spray-On Nikwax Fabric & Leather Waterproofing Spray

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
michael martin
Great product

I recently purchased a bottle of Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof. The product arrived securely packed in a heavy mailer envelope and shipped within the time frame. The directions on the can were a little hard for me to read but I watched the 'how to' video on You Tube so no problems. I applied evenly to my wool felt hat and brushed with a soft towel as directed. There were a couple of dark 'wet' looking spots but the product was absorbed in a very few minutes. I let the hat sit for two days. The very next time I wore the hat I was caught in a rain shower and the Nikwax worked exactly as advertised. Great product. This 4 oz bottle should go a long ways. Thanks!

Nik Wax is great!

I've used this one on my hat and I've also used the other NikWax formula for tents. I used it on my tent before a large downpour and there was not one leak!

Louis Cosentino
Comment on Service

I haven't used the product yet but I wanted to use this as a opportunity to say thank you for your great customer service!!! Could not be better !!

Glad we could be of service. Enjoy!

Bruce Kaszubski

Works as advertised thank you Connor hats five stars !

Karin Crighton
Worked perfectly

I have a giant head so I really wanted to protect my sole 3 hats that fit. The spray went on easily, I could see patches where I was heavy-handed, but everything dried clear. The paper hats are still breezy but now I'm not worried about them dissolving if it suddenly rains.

Dale Lajeunesse

This stuff works great! I sprayed it on my Conner Raffia Paradise Cap. Let it dry then sprinkled the cap with water. The water just beaded right off. I'm impressed!!!!