Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats for Oval Faces

Style Guide: Choosing The Best Hats for Oval Faces

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How Do I Know I Have an Oval or Oblong Face Shape?

First things first- how do you know that you have an oval (also known as oblong) face shape? Generally speaking, people with oval faces have a face length that is about one and half times as long as the width of their face. Some features that designate oval faces are a forehead that is slightly (not by much!) larger than the curved part of your chin. Oval or oblong faces are also characterized as having a shape similar to an upside down egg.

If you’re still not quite sure that you have an oval face shape, take a few measurements of your face and compare them. Finding the proportions of your face will help you determine your face shape

Start by using a soft measuring tape to see how long your forehead is. Take this measurement across the middle of your forehead and record it. Next, measure the width of your face across your cheekbone area. Record the measurement across the most pronounced area of your cheekbones- usually across the corners of your eyes. Then, measure your jawline. Record the length between the tip of your chin and the bottom of your ear, then multiply that number by two. Finally, measure the length of your entire face from your hairline down to the edge of your chin.

If you have an oval face shape, your measurements will show that your face length is greater than the measurement across your cheekbones. Your forehead length will be greater than your chin. And rather than having sharp angles, your chin is gently curved.

Using Hat Styles To Flatter The Features of An Oval Face

Now that you know you’ve got an oval face, you can use the best hat styles for your face shape to flatter your features. Luckily, oval face shapes typically have a balanced appearance. Therefore, there are a range of different hat styles that will look good on oval faces. Because your face is slightly longer, you’ll want a hat style that keeps your face in proportion and doesn’t elongate it any more. A medium to wide brim and a shorter crown height are key features you’ll want to look for.

The Best Hats For Oval Faces

Outback Hats

This is a great hat style for oval faces thanks to a larger brim. Outback hats feature a wide brim and slight dip in the front. For oval faces, this is an extremely flattering style. The larger brim helps your face appear fuller. And a slight dip in the front of the brim detracts from the length of an oval face shape.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a good choice for oval faces thanks to their medium length brim that gives just enough width to the middle of the face. This hat style fits snugly on your head without a long crown, keeping your head from appearing longer than it is.

Floppy Hats

Lucky you- oval face shapes look great in the wide-brim floppy hat style. For some shapes, floppy hats are overpowering, but they’re one of the best hats for oval faces. The wide brim creates volume that flatters the longer features of your face. Because floppy hats sit across the middle of your forehead, they’re especially great for oval faces that have a larger forehead that they’d prefer to detract attention from.


The ever-popular fedora style works well for oval shaped faces. Although it has a slightly smaller brim than other styles mentioned above, fedoras have just enough width to flatter your face shape while remaining a more subtle hat style. Thanks to a slight dip in the front of the hat brim, fedoras also disguise larger foreheads.

Hat Styles Oval Faces Should Avoid

While most styles of hats look good with an oval face shape, there are a few features that you may want to avoid. Hats with tall crowns, like beanie hats that sit above your head, will cause your face to look extra-elongated. When it comes to brim length, avoid extremely short brimmed hats. This style can be at odds with the proportions of your face and cause it to look long and thin in contrast to the shortness of the brim.

Five Flattering Hats For Women With Oval Faces

Ready to find your perfect hat? These hats are handpicked to flatter women with oval faces.

Brays Beach Sun Hat

 brays sun hat

Perfect for days under the sun! The three-inch brim flatters oval faces while still fitting easily into luggage, making it a great hat for travel.

Rockaway Beach Wool Hat

 rockaway hat

Looking for a style that will flatter your face all year round? This wool hat easily transitions from season to season, making it a great choice if you want one hat that’s extremely versatile. 

1970 Australian Wool Floppy Hat

 1970 aussie floppy hat

The addition of a decorated band adds a pop of flair (and makes oval faces look great). A wide brimmed floppy style flatters your thinner facial structure while providing UPF 50+ sun protection.

Mt. Warning Wool Boho Hat

mt warning hat 

Feel good knowing that this flattering style is made with cruelty-free wool! The Mt. Warning hat is another great option for a versatile hat style that will look great all year long.

Misty Wide-Brimmed Raffia Summer Hat

misty raffia summer hat 

This style sits low on your head and features a wide brim to help your face look full and proportional. The Misty hat is hand-crocheted with sustainably sourced Raffia.

Five Best Hats For Men With An Oval Face Shape

Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler

 quincy gambler hat

This waterproof and crushable style is ideal for a range of conditions. A mid-sized brim will keep your face looking proportional.

Myrtle Beach Organic Raffia Hat

 myrtle beach hat

A great sun hat choice for men with oval faces, the Myrtle Beach hat is made with sustainably harvested Organic raffia.

Weathered Cotton Bucket Hat

 weathered bucket hat

Bucket hats are a good choice for oval face shapes, and this cotton bucket hat will hold up through years of work and play while looking great.

Black Creek Hemp Hat

 black creek hat

The outback style is ideal for oval faces, and this hat is a lightweight choice that offers UPF 50+ sun protection, making it great for hot days under the sun.

Jackaroo Crushable Wool Hat

 jackeroo hat

Made with cruelty-free wool, this crushable wool hat has a flattering mid-size brim that’s perfect for travel in all seasons.

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Still not sure about your face shape? Check out our guide to finding your face shape.

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