Collection: Bowler Hats

This iconic black bowler hat known in the USA as a derby hat was created in the mid-1800’s in Britain. It was made to solve the problem of top hats being too fragile and always getting knocked off by low hanging branches while on horseback.  The English bowler hat soon made its way across the pond and became the most popular style in the American West for the same reason, it didn’t blow off your head easily while riding fast of horseback.

Collection Overview

Introducing our Bowler Hat collection – a timeless tribute to British ingenuity and classic American Western spirit. Rooted deep in the 19th-century British culture, the bowler hat, or as it's known in the USA, the derby hat, is an epitome of elegance, durability, and functionality. This iconic piece was not just about style; it was a solution for the active riders of the era, ensuring their headgear was secure even during the most adventurous rides.

Product Highlight

The Carson City Wool Bowler Hat from Conner Hats is constructed from 100% Australian wool, offering a sleek silhouette suitable for both casual and formal settings. The hat features a 1.75" brim, a 4" crown height, and is crushable for easy storage. It includes an organic cotton sweatband, an inner pouch with care instructions, and is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. The tags and labels are eco-friendly, printed with vegetable dyes on organic cotton and FSC certified. This hat, embodying a blend of Young Guns and Steampunk styles, is handmade in China from Australian Wool.

Material Spotlight

At the core of our Bowler collection is the commitment to authenticity and durability. Made from stiffened wool felt, each hat retains its shape even after prolonged use. The dense yet flexible material ensures the hat is resistant to knocks, bumps, and the elements, making it a perfect companion for both urban adventures and countryside escapades.

Why Choose Our Bowler Hats

Historical Authenticity: Our collection captures the true essence of the 19th-century design, blending tradition with modern craftsmanship.
Durability: Designed to withstand knocks and unfavorable weather, ensuring longevity.
Secure Fit: Crafted to ensure the hat remains snug, be it during a breezy walk or a spirited horseback ride.
Timeless Elegance: The Bowler hat never goes out of style, ensuring you always exude a classic charm.

Man wearing Conner hats Humphrey wool Bowler/Derby hat in color back with feather trim and grosgrain band and trim

Styling Tips

Classic Gentleman: Pair your Bowler hat with a tailored suit, polished shoes, and a pocket watch for that vintage gentlemanly look.
Casual Day Out: Team it up with jeans, a crisp white shirt, and leather boots for a relaxed yet refined appearance.
Accessorize: Consider adding a colored band or ribbon around your hat for a personalized touch.
Maintenance: Store your Bowler hat on a flat surface or a hat stand to maintain its shape. Dust it occasionally with a soft-bristled brush to keep it looking pristine.
Step into an era of timeless elegance and unrivaled functionality with our Bowler hats. Where history meets style.