Indy Jones Water Resistant Cotton Hat

Color: Brown
Size: Small

We even give you a 50% discount if it's lost or stolen.

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Placing this hat on your head will could make you feel like a super hero. You may discover a hidden treasure but keep the whip cracking to a minimum if you're not a trained professional. A great safari shape with a weathered leather look.

What is weathered cotton? It's a mixture of cotton and polyester that gives the hat a leather-like look and feel, as well as water resistant capabilities.

  • Made with Weathered Cotton (52% Cotton, 48% Polyester)
  • 2.25" Brim
  • 5" Crown Height
  • Crushable
  • UPF 50+
  • Organic Cotton Sweatband
  • Organic Cotton Inner Pouch with Care Instructions
  • Handmade in Sri Lanka

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  • Made with Algae Bloom Foam
  • Azo Dye-Free
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Water soluble garment bags
  • Biodegradable tag connectors
  • 100% recycled paper tags


Cloth Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small Indy Jones Water Resistant Cotton Hat


  • Size Chart
  • Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Super Great Hat - Very bad service

Had the brown Indy Jones hat for many years. Still use it daily and love it.. Ordered a second of the same hat of the other Loden color. Disappointed that after paying about 50% more for the same hat, also paying a lot for shipping (used to be free shipping), waiting for a long time for arrival, and paying tax (used to be no tax), I received a hat of the same brown color that I already had. They sent the Brown color hat with attached label that says Loden. If you do not have the advertised Loden color, do not send and alternative color and label it as Loden. Photos below show the new Loden hat (left) and the old brown color hat (right) which still in great shape after years of daily use. They are identical brown color. Waiting for a resolution....

Hi Vicken,

We understand your disappointment for not getting the exact colored hat. I believe there was a customer service personnel who has been working to rectify the issue and also explained what may have been the cause of this fulfillment error. Rest assured we are going to get you the colored hat at no cost to you.

Jerry Teague
Cool everyday hat

This is a inexpensive hat that is great for everyday wear and even if it is raining keeps your head dry and it doesn’t hurt your hat I like the style of hat as well

Brian Krull
Indy hat

The second one I have owned, wore the first one out, it was great to get the new one.

R. Morban

Very niiiiiiceeee!!!
Fit perfectly.. love it 😊

Timothy Evans
Amazing Indiana Jones Hat!

This hat is very well constructed and headed to the Amazon Jungle with me in May! I know it will be perfect; thank you Connor!

Tim Evsns