Kangaroo Crossing Buffalo Hide Hat

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The Kangaroo crossing hat is made from Buffalo hide and features a unique hat band and can be crushed and will pop back out to shape.

  • Made from Buffalo Hide
  • 3" Brim
  • 3.75" Crown Height
  • Crushable
  • UPF 50+
  • Handmade in Pakistan



  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Water soluble garment bags
  • Biodegradable tag connectors
  • 100% recycled paper tags


Leather Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small Kangaroo Crossing Buffalo Hide Hat


  • Size Chart
  • Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Caleb O'Bryon

This is a gift for a friend, but I had to send back once (wrong size) and then the new hat got lost in shipping. The team at Connor Hats was fantastic the whole time and worked with me until I received the hat. Absolutely phenomenal!

Sawyer Berus
Just what I was looking for.

I bought the hat not for me but for my girlfriend. It as a late Christmas gift but it was worth the wait. She does a lot of adventuring, traveling the country and the world and all the fictional media I've watched through the years got me thinking, every adventurer needs a hat that they've had through it all. This hat is perfect! It's 50spf meaning it'll keep the sun of your scalp and face, its water resistant and can be treated to be water proof, and most importantly it has the exciting adventure look. Along with it I ordered some pheasant feathers off of amazon so she could personalize it and she loves it. Even asked me to hang up a hook in the living room where it can rest when she isn't needing it. Will definitely order from Connor Hats again in the future for any of my hat needs.

Head band problems

My husband loves this hat, but can’t wear anymore because the headband is loose and wrinkled, to uncomfortable! I am not sure how to help!

Hi Jody,

This happens when the leather shrinks.The elastic band is sewn to the leather and when the leather shrinks, it tends to pull elastic in. I would suggest stretching the brim using this method:

Also, try ironing that section by flipping the sweatband out. Hang it on the front of the ironing board and then steam iron. The hot steam should also rid of the dried sweat that contributes to the wrinkling. Be sure to stretch the hat after steam ironing that section.

Faith Williams

Very impressed with the quality and detail.


This is my second Bill Connor hat - the other being a Bac Pac Oily that is my "fancy" hat. This will replace my Adventure Hat, an 8 year old Barmah that was always too small and too hot but went with me to Mexico, Hawaii, all over the Pacific Northwest, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, etc; that will be retired as it was a gift from my partner on one of our first dates. Finding a new Adventure Hat has not been easy. It needs to be an outback style, rugged, and affordable. It's going to get wet, snowed on, used to fan fires to life, keep the sun off my head in the garden during summer, but also help keep my head warm in cooler weather. This hat feels like it's the one. It's lightweight but the buffalo leather is clearly durable. Now that I have a properly sized hat I can wear a bandanna under it to slow the inevitable sweat stains, and a rinsed out bandanna will help keep my head cool. This also means I can wear a thin beanie cap underneath to keep my noggin warm on those days when a full knit cap is just too much. Plus it looks great, the riveted band-loops are a nice touch.

I am 50/50 on the color though. The dye is not particularly uniform (which I like) but it's significantly darker than the color on the website. The photo with it on the gent is closer than the color on the lady.