Sahara Aussie Cotton Slouch Hat

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This hat is made from durable organic cotton and features a snap up brim on the side. Features a leather chin cord.

  • Made with Organic Cotton
  • 3.25" Brim
  • 4.5" Crown Height
  • UPF 50+
  • Chin Cord with Secure Toggle
  • Organic Cotton Sweatband
  • Organic Cotton Pouch with Care Instructions
  • Handmade in Sri Lanka



  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Water soluble garment bags
  • Biodegradable tag connectors
  • 100% recycled paper tags


  • Size Chart
  • Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Brian Wilson
Love it.

Same style as the hat I was replacing. This brim on this one is stiffer (which I love), as it holds my molded bend well. Love it. Sizing was perfect.

James Shippee
Exactly what I wanted

I have had many many versions of this hat style over the years to protect myself from the sun -- The Conner version is superior. Very well made and great looking. So relieved to have found a place to easily order from. Thank you!

Frank Rodgers
The best hat I have ever had

The is the second time that I have purchased a Sahara Aussie Slouch Hat. I still have the first hat that I bought, complete with white stains around the crown and brim, which were collected during many a long walk on hot summer days. I will keep it for rough work, but I wanted another, more presentable hat for social occasions. I was initially frustrated when all of the hats in my size (Large) were sold out and finally delighted when, in a remarkably short time, more became available in my size, and I wasted no time purchasing another. What more can I say? This is the best hat I have ever had!

I can understand why you want another one for social occasions. The Sahara Aussie Slouch emulates the ceremonial hat of the Australian Defence Force.

By the way, check out our hat care link for some helpful tips on how to get rid of stains using household items.

Enjoy and stay sun safe!

Jacob Goetz
Great warm weather hat!

I got this hat for Christmas but have only been able to wear it over the last few weeks since it started warming up. The hat is nice and lightweight but it's also sturdy and retains its shape in stiff wind. A nice wide brim makes it perfect for keeping the sun off my face on hot days while fishing from my paddleboard. The only thing I don't like is the string. It's a really thick/stiff strip of leather so it doesn't hang naturally and is kind of abrasive. It can easily be replaced and is not a big issue so I still give the hat a five star rating.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the kind review and that's certainly a good point about the leather that we'll keep in mind. We do have some synthetic rope chin cords so send us an email to and we can mail you one for free.

Howard Emerson
Cotton Slouch hat.

I just received this hat so haven't much to go on, but I like it already. It has good sun protection and snapping the left side up lets me wear the hat when playing my pipes.

You have to tag us in when you play the pipes with your Conner Hat on. We would love to see it!