Collection: Safari / Pith Helmets

A safari hat takes many forms but the most well-known is the Pith Helmet. Safari Pith Helmets were made famous in the 1800's by British troops who wore them in arid and tropical locations around the world. We also focus on a safari hat crown shape and make it in a variety of materials. This is a very popular hybrid style hat for us and will serve you well on any adventure. Choose the right hat material in this great style for your next journey.
Man sitting in tropical location wearing safari style pinched front sun protection hat made from natural colored hemp with a dark brown band and trim

Collection Overview

Step into the wild with our Safari Hat collection, a tribute to the iconic Pith Helmet that has captured imaginations since the 1800s. With roots tracing back to the British troops' arid adventures, our safari hats encapsulate the spirit of exploration and adventure. Blending traditional designs with contemporary materials, this hybrid style promises to be your trusted companion on every escapade.

Product Highlight

The Pith Helmet On You Toyo Hat from Conner Hats is made from durable sealed Toyo material, resembling paper straw, and is designed to protect against the sun and other elements. It features a 2.5" brim, 4.25" crown height, UPF 50+ sun protection, an adjustable inner band for comfort, and is handmade in China. The labels are made from organic cotton and printed with vegetable dyes, while all tags are FSC Certified. Currently, it's being offered at a 40% discount, making it a non-returnable or exchangeable item.

Woman laughing with binoculars wearing straw Safari Pith Helmet with three eyelets

Material Spotlight

In our quest to marry heritage with modern demands, we've ventured into a plethora of
materials. From the classic hardy fabric reminiscent of the original Pith Helmets to innovative, breathable materials suited for today's climate, we ensure durability and comfort. Every material chosen is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring your safari hat remains your adventure companion for years to come.

Woman outdoors wearing Brown oilcloth Hat with brass colored eyelets and wide sun protection brim

Why Choose Our Safari Hats

Historical Legacy: Imbued with the legacy of the British troops, our safari hats are more than just an accessory; they're a piece of history.
Adaptable Designs: From traditional Pith Helmets to contemporary hybrids, our collection caters to every adventurer's unique style.
Optimal Protection: Designed to shield you from sun and rain alike, our hats are tailored for all-weather adventures.
Quality Materials: With a focus on longevity and comfort, our hats are crafted from the finest materials.

Styling Tips

Classic Explorer: Pair your Pith Helmet with khaki shorts, a linen shirt, and hiking boots for an authentic explorer look.
Urban Jungle: Wear your hybrid safari hat with jeans, a casual tee, and sneakers for a
city-adventurer vibe.
Accessorize: Team up your hat with a pair of aviator sunglasses and a rugged satchel to enhance the adventurous aura.
Maintenance: Keep your safari hat in pristine condition by storing it in a cool, dry place and occasionally brushing off any accumulated dust.
Embark on new adventures, knowing you're donning a hat that's rich in history and unparalleled in style. With our Safari hats, every journey is a step back in time, filled with tales of exploration and discovery. Choose Conner Hats for an authentic safari experience.