Collection: Boho Hats

Bohemian mainstream fashion (Boho-Chic) draws from hippy styles with a strong influence from the late 60’s. Gypsy girls, folk style, and salty sun drenched hair. Perfect festival hats for the free thinking girl who doesn’t care for fashion but still wants to look good.

Collection Overview

Welcome to our Boho Hat Collection, a radiant fusion of late 60’s free spirit and timeless elegance. Our Boho hats encapsulate the very essence of Bohemian mainstream fashion, embracing the unapologetic spirit of gypsy girls, the authenticity of folk style, and the wild allure of sun-drenched hair. For the free thinkers, the soul wanderers, and the festival lovers - our collection caters to those who weave their own narrative and radiate style effortlessly.

Product Highlight

The Yogi Beach Boho Hat is ideal for beach days, providing a stylish look with its boho-inspired design while ensuring air circulation due to its open weave straw construction. It features a 3" brim, breathable crown, and a soft inner terry stretch band for comfort. This hat, handmade in China (PRC), also promotes eco-friendliness with its organic cotton labels printed with vegetable dyes and FSC Certified tags.

Woman wearing wool boho retro style hat in color Rust

Material Spotlight

Craftsmanship isn’t just in design, but in material choice. Our Boho hats are made from:
Organic Fibers: Gentle on the environment and gentle on you.
Handwoven Textures: Paying homage to the authentic folk style, each hat is meticulously handwoven, giving it a unique texture and feel.
Natural Dyes: Embracing the true Boho spirit, our hats are colored using natural dyes, reflecting earthy and muted shades.

Wool Hat Boho Hats NorCal Open Road Outdoor Hat

Why Choose Our Boho Hats

Authentic Design: Each hat resonates with the unbridled essence of Boho-Chic fashion.
Eco-conscious Choices: From organic fibers to natural dyes, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.
Versatility: Perfect for festivals, beach trips, or a sunlit day in the city, our Boho hats complement every occasion.
Uncompromised Comfort: Lightweight and breathable, every hat is designed with wearer's comfort in mind.

Wool Hat Boho Hats NorCal Open Road Outdoor Hat

Styling Tips

Layer it Up: Pair your Boho hat with layered necklaces, chunky bracelets, and oversized
sunglasses for an ultra-Bohemian look.
Flowy Outfits: Team it with maxi dresses, off-shoulder tops, or crochet vests to complete the Boho ensemble.
Boots & Hat: Combine ankle boots with a floral dress and top it off with your Boho hat for an edgy, festival-ready outfit.
Natural Waves: Let your hair down in its natural form or create loose waves for that perfect sun-drenched look.
Step into a world where fashion meets freedom. Our Boho hats are more than just an accessory; they are a statement, an experience, a journey. Dive deep into our collection and let
your spirit roam free.