Collection: Gambler Hats

Gambler hats are part western and part outback. They became popular in the days of riverboat casinos that moved up and down the Mississippi river. Their distinct oval crown and wide brim set them apart from other western hat styles. We make ours from soft Australian wool, Hemp and different types of straw. Not too stiff and very comfortable with a generous brim for maximum sun protection. Grab a deck of cards, a cigar or cool glass of lemonade and transport yourself back in time.

Collection Overview

Take a journey back to the lively riverboat casinos of the Mississippi with our distinctive Gambler hats. A harmonious blend of western flair and outback elegance, these hats capture an era of grandeur, risks, and rich tales. Adorned with a distinct oval crown and a generous brim, each Gambler hat is an ode to the past, crafted for the contemporary wearer.

Product Highlight

The Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler hat is a stylish accessory designed to keep you dry while offering UPF 50+ sun protection. It's crafted from 100% Australian Wool, featuring a 3" brim, 4.25" crown height, and is crushable for easy storage. Additional features include an organic cotton sweatband, an inner pouch with care instructions, and certifications for responsible wool standards and business social compliance initiative, showcasing its eco-friendliness and ethical manufacturing practices.

Woman with long hair in wool gambler shaped hat in color Black with leather band featuring accented stitching and diamond shaped dull brass studs

Material Spotlight

Craftsmanship and quality shine through in our choice of materials for Gambler hats: Soft Australian Wool: Warm, comfortable, and smooth to touch, this material ensures your hat stays snug and stylish. Natural Hemp: Durable and environmentally friendly, hemp gives a rustic charm to the Gambler hats. Diverse Straws: Lightweight and breathable, our straw variants bring in an element of coolness, perfect for those sunny days.

Man wearing Burgundy wool gambler hat with vegan band with silver colored studs

Why Choose Our Gambler Hats

Historical Elegance: Each hat is a timeless piece, echoing the stories of the riverboat casinos and the gamblers who donned them. Optimal Comfort: Crafted to be soft and not overly stiff, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Sun Protection: The wide brim not only accentuates the hat's style but also offers substantial sun protection. Versatile Materials: Whether it's Australian wool for cooler days or straw for summer afternoons, there's a Gambler hat for every occasion.

Woman wearing green dress leaning on wall in Burgundy wool gambler hat with vegan band with silver colored studs

Styling Tips

Vintage Vibe: Pair your Gambler hat with a tailored vest, crisp white shirt, and leather boots for a look straight out of the riverboat era. Accessorize Right: A pocket watch or a brooch can enhance the vintage charm of your outfit. For the Modern Edge: Mix the old with the new by wearing your Gambler hat with jeans and a casual tee, blending eras seamlessly. Care Tip: Regularly brush your hat using a soft bristle brush to maintain its pristine condition. Channel the spirit of the past, infused with modern craftsmanship, with our Gambler hats. Perfect for those seeking a hat that tells a story, while offering style and comfort in equal measure. Dive into history with every wear.