Organic Raffia Hats

Raffia is the most sustainable type of palm known to hat makers. The palm leaves on this tree can grow from 60 to 80 feet, and can be harvested without damage to the plant itself. Without pesticides and herbicides, a raffia hat is organic and sustainable, but a raffia hat by Conner is also stylish and functional.
Montego Bay Raffia Hat
$76.00 USD
Myrtle Beach Organic Raffia Hat
$76.00 USD
Boulder Beach Hiking Hat
$76.00 USD
Key Largo Outback Straw Hat
$74.00 USD
Brays Beach Sun Hat
$76.00 USD
Jasper Raffia Western Hat
$74.00 USD
Tex Western Straw Shapeable Hat
$74.00 USD
Rt 66 Cowboy Raffia Hat
$74.00 USD
Pearl Western Raffia Hat
$72.00 USD
John Dear Western Raffia Hat
$74.00 USD

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Wide Brim Raffia Hats

Look cool while staying protected from the sun with a wide brim raffia hat from Conner Hats. Each of our wide brim raffia hats was thoughtfully made to be stylish, protective, and, most importantly, gentle on the planet. Whether a western raffia hat or a boater raffia hat is more your style, shop our collection of men's and women's raffia hats with wide brims.

  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Natural / One Size Amy Summer Womens Raffia Hat
  • Straw Hat Beach Hats Natural / Small/Medium Brays Beach Sun Hat
  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Natural / One Size Latin Quarter Ladies Raffia Sun Hat
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    Outback Style Raffia Hats

    In terms of straw hats, Raffia is the most resilient of straw material. Raffia is a palm native to the tropical regions of Africa and its 60ft long palm leaves are harvested sustainably. Conner utilizes this material to create comfortable offerings that help your head and don’t hurt the environment. With design elements that have an outback lifestyle in mind, Conner has created a line that is equally functional as it is ethical.

  • Straw Hat Natural / Small/Medium Boulder Beach Hiking Hat
  • Straw Hat Beach Hats Natural / Small/Medium Brays Beach Sun Hat
  • Straw Hat Outback Hats Key Largo Outback Straw Hat
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