Paper Straw Hats

We make hats from many varieties of straw and even some with recycled paper content. This material is sometimes called Toyo. The construction of these hats is either completely hand braided or sometimes it is braided into strips and then sewn together to make the hat body, then blocked into shape by steam. Many of these styles are rated UPF 50+ to provide excellent sun protection and they are also quite water resistant.

5th Avenue Straw Fedora
$68.00 USD
Avondale Park Fedora Hat
$68.00 USD
Casablanca Fedora Hat
$68.00 USD
Gunsmoke Western Toyo Hat
$74.00 USD
Jensen Panama Straw Hat
$69.00 USD
Pith Helmet
$40.00 USD $68.00 USD
Yogi Beach Boho Hat
$68.00 USD

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Straw Hats for Gardeners

The technique used to create the material for a Conner straw hat fits the avid and recreational gardener perfectly. By utilizing lightweight material and treating it in a fashion that creates a water resistant and UPF 50+ product, the skilled workers at Conner are providing gardeners with stylish and functional options. This line allows you to shop for fashion, without sacrificing any functionality.

  • Straw Hat Women's Hat Dark Toast / One Size McCloud Sun Protection Ladies Gardening Hat
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    Fedora Style Straw Hats

    No one needs to feel weighed down when they are channeling the energy of Cuban heat and the aroma of a lightweight, easy burning cigar. Paper straw hats from Conner are lightweight and rated at UPF 50+, and when paired with the undeniable style of a classic fedora, they are perfect for hot nights jam packed with action. Whether you’re experiencing a new part of the world, throwing some dice or puffing a stogie, a straw hat from Conner can hang with the adventure.

  • Conner Hats Fedoras Tan / Small/Medium 5th Avenue Straw Pork Pie Fedora
  • Straw Hat Fedoras Tan / Small/Medium Avondale Park Fedora Hat
  • Straw Hat Fedoras Natural / Small/Medium Casablanca Fedora Hat
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