Collection: Wedding and Honeymoon Hats

Do your bridesmaids or groomsmen need matching hats? Do you want the perfect hat for your tropical or adventurous honeymoon? Are you planning a themed wedding or in a quaint old town like St. Augustine, Florida? Yes, our warehouse is located in the wedding capital of America (the oldest city in America) so get in touch we can help you top off your perfect day!
Conner Hats Wedding/Race Day Hats Brown / One Size Catherine the Great Straw Hat

Collection Overview

Welcome to our Wedding Hats collection, where elegance meets timeless style. Each hat is meticulously crafted, designed to add that touch of sophistication and panache to your special day. Whether you're searching for that picturesque addition for your bridesmaids and groomsmen or a unique hat to set off on your honeymoon adventure, we've got you covered.
Dive into a range tailored for every matrimonial occasion, right here in the wedding capital of America.

Conner Hats Wedding/Race Day Hats White / One Size Pippa at the Races Straw Hat

Product Highlight

The Jensen Panama Straw Hat is your perfect summer accessory - lightweight, with a hand-braided, panama-style fedora that's sure to turn some heads! Let the sun shine on you, in style and comfort, with this gorgeous fedora. An exclamation of fashion, indeed! Features a soft terry inner stretch band for a perfect fit.

Material Spotlight

The excellence of our Wedding Hats lies in the materials we choose:
Elegant Lace: Perfect for brides or bridesmaids, offering a delicate touch to any wedding attire.
Premium Straw: Ideal for tropical honeymoons, providing both shade and style.
Velvet and Silk: Suited for themed weddings, these materials exude luxury and vintage charm.

Why Choose Our Wedding Hats

Diverse Collection: Whatever your wedding theme, we have a hat to match.
Expertise: Located in the oldest city in America, we are deeply rooted in the history and culture of wedding fashion.
Quality Craftsmanship: Our hats are not just accessories; they're heirlooms, designed to last and be cherished.
Personal Touch: Reach out to us, and we'll assist in choosing the ideal hat to complete your look.

woman wearing western wedding hat

Styling Tips

Classic Romance: Pair a lace-adorned wedding hat with a flowing white gown or a tailored suit for that classic romantic look.
Tropical Honeymoon: Complement your beach attire with a straw wedding hat, perfect for those sunny beach days.
Themed Extravaganza: Opt for velvet or silk hats, pairing them with vintage dresses or
old-school suits, perfect for weddings in quaint locations like St. Augustine.
Modern Edge: Choose minimalist wedding hats and match them with contemporary dresses or sleek suits for a modern aesthetic.
Your wedding day deserves the perfect touch. Elevate your attire with our exquisite Wedding
Hats collection, and step into a new chapter of life with grace and style.