Summer Hats for Women

Summer time and the livin' is easy! Our collection of women’s summer hats will keep you cool and protected from the sun's harsh rays so you can be outside doing what you love, longer.  Our summer hats come in all shapes and sizes - shop a selection of large summer hats for maximum protection from the sun or breathable vented hats for when the the mercery rises. Whatever your personal style, you'll find the best summer hats here.
The Lauren Floppy Wool Hat
$77.00 USD
Weathered Cotton Bucket Hat
$59.00 USD
Wide Open Spaces Outdoor Hat
$99.00 USD
Hiker Bucket Hat
$62.00 USD
Rugged Mountain Trail Hat
$76.00 USD
The Axe Western Hat
$96.00 USD
Black Diamond Wool Hat
$64.00 USD $103.00 USD
Banjo Paterson Wool Hat
$98.00 USD
Northern Front Oilskin Hat
$78.00 USD
Tambourine Outback Wool Hat
$98.00 USD