Waterproof Hats

Our waterproof hats are tested for performance in wet weather and climates so we can ensure their ability to keep you dry and protected from the elements. We pair a large brim, with waterproof material or coatings for superior protection. Our waterproof and water resistant hats are made from a selection of waterproof wool and treated cotton materials and include features like mesh grommets for breathability. With a waterproof hat, the weather will never keep you from enjoying the things you love.
Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
$99.00 USD
Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler
$98.00 USD
Bird and Feather Wool Hat
$98.00 USD
Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
$60.00 USD $98.00 USD
NorCal Open Road Outdoor Hat
$96.00 USD
Wide Open Spaces Outdoor Hat
$99.00 USD
Indy Crushable Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Flinders Outback Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Crossroads Crushable Wool Hat
$98.00 USD
Black Diamond Wool Hat
$98.00 USD

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Waterproof Wool Hats

These waterproof wool hat styles not only look sharp but they protect you from the elements. Many of these styles feature an organic cotton sweatband and large brims for extra protection. You can have the best of style and functionality in a waterproof wool hat from Conner.

  • Wool Hat Outback Hats Black / Small Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
  • Wool Hat Women's Hat Black / One Size Bird and Feather Wool Hat
  • Wool Hat Outback Hats Black / Small Black Diamond Wool Hat
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    Men's Waterproof Hats

    This curated collection of men's waterproof hats features silhouettes that look good on any face shape. Many of these styles have extra features like secret pockets, grommets for breathability, and a crushable design making them a solid choice for weekend getaways or long-distance travel.

  • Cloth Hat Baseball Caps Brown / One Size 8 Seconds Low Profile Weathered Cotton Cap
  • Wool Hat Outback Hats Black / Small Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
  • Leather Hat Aussie Hats Bark / Small BC Hats Bac Pac Traveller Suede Australian Leather Hat
  • Men's Waterproof Styles