Golf Hats

Whether with colleagues or friends, the golf course has become a popular place to flash a unique swing and unique style, and golf hats from Conner Hats can accommodate all manners of function and fancy.  You can give the game’s founders a tip of the cap with a Scotch-style newsboy golf hat, or you can maximize your coverage with a breathable, wide-brim sun protection golf hat.  With both men’s and women’s golf hats available, compliments on the course are a ‘gimme.'

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Sun Protection Golf Hats

If you prefer a little sun protection from your golf hat, and some lightweight breathability, Conner Hats offers golf hats made of straw in the southeastern Plantation style or wide-brim outdoorsman style. With a wide variety of sizes, we are making it easier than ever to find the fitted golf hat you’re looking for.

  • Cloth Hat Safari Hats Natural / Small Black Creek Safari Hemp Hat
  • Straw Hat Safari Hats White / Small/Medium Jensen Panama Straw Hat
  • Cloth Hat Baseball Caps Sand / One Size Legionnaire Recycled Waterproof Sun Cap
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    Newsboy Golf Hats

    In the world of golf hats, the options can be as varied as the courses we all play on. Conner Hats creates a wide variety of styles, allowing each golfer to find what they are looking for. For the classic golfer in your foursome, Conner offers newsboy fitted golf hats in wool and linen, making them perfect for fall-ball and summer rounds alike.

  • Cloth Hat Newsboy/Flat Caps Grey / Small Alfred Gentlemans Herringbone Drivers Cap
  • Cloth Hat Newsboy/Flat Caps Brent Weathered Newsboy Cap
  • Cloth Hat Golf Hats Olive / Small/Medium Henry Long-Bill Newsboy Cap
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