Winter Hats

Stylish hats aren't just a summer accessory. Check out our collection of winter hats made from cruelty-free wool. These winter hats will keep you both warm and looking good in the cooler months. Whatever the occasion this winter, these versatile styles can be dressed up our down, always adding an extra level of interest or functionality to your winter attire. 

At Conner Hats, we are proud to make hats that go easy on the planet. Our warehouse is 100% solar powered, we ship in biodegradable packaging and use water soluble garment bags. Stay cozy, look and feel good in high-quality, handmade winter hats from Conner. 

Flinders Outback Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Arizona Wool Gambler
$99.00 USD
Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
$60.00 USD $98.00 USD
Quincy Waterproof Wool Gambler
$98.00 USD
Jackeroo Crushable Wool Hat
$99.00 USD
Detroit Wool Fedora
$92.00 USD
Carson City Wool Bowler
$96.00 USD
Indy Crushable Wool Hat
$96.00 USD
Time Travel Steampunk Top Hat
$112.00 USD
Steampunk Wool Top Hat
$115.00 USD
Bowler (Derby) Wool Hat
$94.00 USD
Edward Australian Wool Top Hat
$110.00 USD
Rocky Road Steampunk Top Hat
$68.00 USD $112.00 USD
Jubilee Steampunk Top Hat
$68.00 USD $112.00 USD
Humphrey Wool Bowler Hat
$58.00 USD $96.00 USD
Low Rise Wool Top Hat
$68.00 USD $110.00 USD
Crossroads Crushable Wool Hat
$98.00 USD
French Beret
$32.00 USD $54.00 USD
Buster Wool Fedora
$58.00 USD $96.00 USD
Mumford Pork Pie Wool Fedora
$88.00 USD
Trident Wool Boater Hat
$50.00 USD $89.00 USD

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Floppy Winter Hats

Set the trend with these floppy winter hats that will surely turn heads and catch looks. These styles feature fun details such a feather for good luck or bands with colored beads. These ready to wear floppy winter hat styles will quickly become a staple in your winter wardrobe.

  • Wool Hat Women's Hat Black 1970 Australian Wool Floppy Hat
  • Wool Hat Women's Hat Black / One Size Avondale Concho Wool Hat
  • Wool Hat Women's Hat Brown Mix / One Size Rockaway Beach Wool Hat
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    Waterproof Winter Hats

    Wool is an ideal material for waterproof winter hats as it provides soft warmth and naturally protects you from the elements. A warm insulating hat critical for staying comfortable during the cool months. Check out our collection of waterproof winter hats.

  • Wool Hat Outback Hats Black / Small Aussie Wool Crusher Hat
  • Wool Hat Women's Hat Black / One Size Bird and Feather Wool Hat
  • Wool Hat Outback Hats Black / Small Black Diamond Wool Hat
  • Waterproof Winter Hat Styles