Boating Hats

Cast away your worries with the sun protecting style of our Boating Hats collection! Designed with water fun in mind, our boat hats keep your face safe both on and offshore. What really makes Conner the best hats for boating? Well, some of our hats floats so there’s that. But more importantly, we always design and produce with sustainability as our guiding star. Time to set sail with your new Boat Hat by Conner Hats

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Boat Hats Made From Recycled Materials

You’ll go overboard for the Conner Hats recycled material designs. Made from recycled plastic bottles, these waterproof boating sun hats are designed help keep the natural places clean and beautiful for you to enjoy.

  • Cloth Hat Hiking Hats Khaki / Small Airflow Lightweight Recycled Outdoor Hat
  • Cloth Hat Boating Hats Sand / Small Aztec Boater Recycled Hat
  • Cloth Hat Boating Hats Boat Yard Outdoor Recycled Fedora
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    Weathered Cotton Boat Hats

    Boating hats made with style in mind. The Conner Hats weathered cotton design blends cotton and polyester to create a leather-like look and feel. Many of our weathered cotton boat hats are waterproof or resistant, as well as designed to float! Go ahead and jump in, we’ve got you covered.

  • Cloth Hat Bucket Hats Dusty Road Aussie Waterproof Cotton Hat
  • Cloth Hat Outback Hats Brown / Small Indy Jones Water Resistant Cotton Hat
  • Cloth Hat Boating Hats Mountain Ventilated Packer Hat
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