Leather Hats

Aside from making a strong statement, a leather hat is a long-term investment in your wardrobe. After finding the style that meets your needs, one leather hat purchased from Conner Hats will last you decades.  Aside from being extremely durable, leather hats breathe easy and can compliment any outfit with suede options, or the classic oily finish of a leather cowboy hat. These stylish and sturdy women's and men's leather hats often become wearable heirlooms.
Down Under Leather Hat
$86.00 USD
Lone Wolf Crushable Leather Hat
$89.00 USD
BC Hats Streetwise Leather Fedora
$165.00 USD
Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat
$89.00 USD
High Sierra Shapeable Leather Hat
$94.00 USD

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