NorCal Open Road Outdoor Hat

Color: Black
Size: One Size

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The Nor Cal Open road outdoor hat is a wide brimmed round crown style that is soft yet won't lose its shape easily. Made from cruelty-free wool, is waterproof and fitted with an adjustable inner satin band for a comfortable fit. Leather chin cord.

  • Made from 100% Australian Wool
  • 3.5" Brim
  • Crushable
  • UPF 50+
  • Adjustable Satin Inner Band
  • Leather Chin Cord
  • Handmade in China

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  • Cruelty-Free Wool
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Azo Dye-Free
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Water soluble garment bags
  • Biodegradable tag connectors
  • 100% recycled paper tags


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  • Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I thought these hats (bought in black and putty) would be the same as the last hat I bought a few years ago- they look the same but don't feel the same. They are so stiff and much less comfortable. I am disappointed. I wore my older hat on an epic 6 week hiking road trip and I got compliments on it every single day. These new hats are stiff and just don't look so good.

We are happy to send it back for free. You can do this by going through the return link here:
Sometimes a batch can have extra stiffener, this can be worked out by just crushing the crown a few times before each wear, this will soften up the hat, but of course, over time the stiffness goes away with normal day to day wearing. We like a stiff brim and a softer crown, that is normally how they come out, sorry for the trouble but please know your new hat is in no way less quality or inferior in any way, it just needs to soften up a bit.

I'd also be interested to know when you purchased your original hat and if you could show us pictures for a comparison of your old hat and the new hats. It helps us see how far along the hats have lasted so we can improve our hats.

Meg Mulone
10/10 recommend

I’ve been told I resemble a small forest ranger in this hat and I am not disappointed in that review at all. Keeps me cool in the heat and warm when it’s chilly. Huge plus- the deer fly of upstate NY hate it when I’m hiking. I would recommend this hat to anyone looking for a versatile hat for all seasons. Also keeps its form well.

Great hat

I have the Norcal open road hat in both putty and black and wouldn't say no to the brown. It's just a really good hat, comfortable and attractive and functional. I've worn the putty through multiple fire seasons in Northern California, working hard on hot days to support evacuated horses, and it's kept its shape and attractiveness through a lot of abuse. The black is newer and my "looking good" hat, which is supported by multiple folks (including a stone cold hottie in a grocery store) complimenting me on it. I also have a Boulder Beach hiking hat, which I also love, so I'm developing some strong loyalty to Conner hats. I have a medium-to-large head and prefer looser hats, and have added a leather slide to the chin strap of my Norcal hats to keep them on in windy conditions.

Janice Lawrence
Open road hat

I love my new hat I don’t usually look good in hats but it’s one I love taking it to Alaska with me

You must tag us in if you post a pic on social media of you wearing the hat in Alaska! We love seeing our customers enjoying their Conner Hats.

Enjoy and stay sun safe!

Linda Peacock-Landrum
Incredibly Comfy Hat

Extremely comfortable. Excited to wear it outdoors on some wild adventures.

Now you'll have to post pics of you wearing the hat through these wild adventures. Tag us in your posts! We'd love to see our customers exploring life's adventures.